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Pat Hobbs

Pat accepted Christ twelve years ago, but learning to completely trust God was not easy. She still wanted to do things her way, but desperately wanted to let go and let God take control. Pat’s faith started out small, like a mustard seed, but as it took root, it grew, as did her trust in the Lord. By His grace and everlasting mercy, Pat has been freed up from addiction to alcohol, and wants to help those who still suffer from the disease (addiction).

The Lord has placed in Pat the gifts of faith and administration.  Acts 6:1-6, tells of the seven disciples (including Stephen) chosen to administer to the widows, poor and needy. Because the church had grown so, the apostles could no longer teach the Word and take care of these responsibilities. The ministry of the Word should never be neglected because of administrative burdens.  Acts 6:2 (Life Application Study Bible).

Being blessed to be a part of this ministry, whether it is speaking, serving or praying, Pat will forever remain His humble and obedient servant.