New Beginnings Board Members

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  • Irvina has a heart for God’s people and is ready to go where He calls her. Amazing grace is exemplified through her love for worship as she sings and speaks with great passion while leading brothers and sisters into the Holy of Holies. As she walks in the freedom that God so graciously gives her, she has defeated the hard battles of low self-esteem, and depression. God has given her a passion to reach others that may be going down that road and a desire to strengthen them with the scripture, “All things are possible with Christ who strengthens us.” Phil. 4:13

    Irvina has always been involved in worship ministry. She holds bible studies in her home for women and is the Director of Womens Ministry at her home church.

    Irvina is willing to do what is necessary to get this marvelous love of God out to the people–those that know Him and those who have yet to learn who He is. Isaiah 50:4-9

    Irvina and her Husband Jess have been happily married for over thirty years. They are blessed with three children and seven beautiful grandchildren.

    Irvina was given the vision of New Beginnings Outreach Ministry in 2009, with no idea what God was going to do. It is amazing how God is moving in this ministry.

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  • Jess, like David, is a man after God’s own heart. When you meet him you will experience the genuine love that he has for people, whether he has known you for years, or if it is the first time he has met you.

    In his service to God he has been a building project manager, facility manager, usher in the church, a team worker and is strong in administrative works. He is a hard worker and takes joy in doing so. As President of New Beginnings Ministry, he is very supportive and will step up and make things happen if necessary. The ministry team has great respect and love for Jess and listens to the advice and wisdom that he gives to help make this ministry what it is today.
    Jess loves how God is using him in New Beginnings Ministry. He speaks, prays, and serves, always wiling to follow God’s lead.

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  • I grew up in a Christian home – the daughter of a preacher. My mother began preaching when I was 10 years old, but I did not accept the Lord until I was 32, after hitting rock bottom in a marriage that was a dysfunctional train wreck! The Lord brought healing and new life into my marriage and restored the years of pain and sorrow.

    My passion is PRAYER. I love watching what God can do with the earnest prayers where 2 or more gather. I have been a part of New Beginnings since its inception, filling the office of Treasurer and bookkeeper, and I feel honored to head a Prayer Team for the Safe Harbor shelter. Prayer is the foundation of every ministry and the Safe Harbor shelter wants to have a solid foundation in prayer.

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  • With a strong desire to see women healed and whole in Christ Jesus, Tina brings encouragement and a revelation of God’s love through her gift of song, prayer and spoken word. Come to know who you are in Christ and have victory over insecurity, depression, hopelessness and despair. Tina invites you to step into the place God has appointed for you. A place filled with victory, hope, power, anointing and purpose. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jer 29:11

    Tina has served for over 15 years in children’s and women’s ministry. Having overcome cancer, she is a powerful worshipper and intercessory prayer warrior. She has a heart for women, especially those devestated by divorce. Tina is convinced God is faithful and is always willing to be used to glorify God.

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